[pdftex] TUGBoat - HTH's thesis

Joe Riel joe.riel at incep.com
Wed Jan 30 09:39:17 CET 2002

Yes, it is fascinating (I'm two thirds of the way through it).  
I look forward to using these features in pdfTeX.

I had a few minor comments, though, about the typesetting of
the article itself.  There appears to be too much vertical 
space above the equation displays; that is, there is more space 
above then below the displays which looks wrong.  
Another is that the rendering of "TeX" doesn't look quite 
right with the chosen font.  The serifs of the lowered "E" 
run into the "X" (from memory).  Contrast this with Knuth's
TeX in CM.

A final comment concerns the rendering of "METAFONT", in its usual font.
Because it looks so different from the rest of the text (that's almost
always the case), it is much whiter, it stands out.  
That conflicts, I feel, with one of the topics of the article,
the achievement of a uniform grey page.  That criticism may not 
be fair or warranted, however, it jumped out at me.

Joe Riel

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