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Robin Barker rmb1 at cise.npl.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 11:16:05 CET 2002

> What is the best way to incorporate Metapost in pdftex? I am having 
> problems with bounding boxes:  I put a frame around the Metapost generated 
> ESP file and sometimes the side of a frame is clipped.  Also the resolution 
> is not very good as compared to using Latex with dvips driver.  Is there a 
> switch to create high resolution graphics?  Is there something missing with 
> my understanding?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> John S. Dey

It is done by magic.  The graphicx package converts metapost postscript files
to PDF (it can do this because the output of mpost is sufficiently simple PS).

This is the recipe:

Input metapost file:  foo.mp

% mpost foo
creating foo.1 foo.2 etc.

In the latex file foo.tex

% pdflatex foo


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