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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 27 19:09:04 CET 2002

At 11:20 AM 1/25/2002 -0800, Joe Riel wrote:
>On my system, this increases the printing time of the document
>from Acrobat substantially. So much so that it is not practical
>to print a multiple page document.

it may not make a real difference in rendering (since it's just a piece of 
big text) and on a laser printer it should not print slower; so i assume 
that you use a ink jet printer; in that case, why not use a smaller 
fontsize (say 1cm); this is already annoying enough but prints faster

> > 
> \makebox(0,0){\rotatebox{45}{\textcolor[gray]{0.75}{\fontsize{5cm}{5cm}\selectfont{Draft}}}}

btw, a big page filling  75% gray "DRAFT" makes the document unreadable 
anyway, so printing is not what someone wil do then; if you aim at reading, 
use .85 instead (on many desktop printers values larger than that will not 
show up).

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