[pdftex] How To display '<' or '>' or '|'

Mark Wroth mark at astrid.upland.ca.us
Fri Jan 25 06:07:45 CET 2002

Given that you are displaying verbatim fragments of code, I'd lean toward 
the verbatim approach for displayed blocks.

You might investigate the "alltt" package as well.

At 02.01.25 10:06 +0100, Hans Hagen wrote:
>At 07:27 PM 1/24/2002 +0000, Eric Tchepannou wrote:
>>I hope I am in the right group for this question.
>>I am writing a report with LaTeX and have some C++ & HTML Code in it.
>>I have some problem displaying the '->' and the HTML-Tags (i.e. <form>). 
>>In the reference I have I read I have to import the latexsym package, but 
>>it didn't help.
>this depends on the fonts you use, and cmr's don't always have them; one 
>way to get them is $<$ but this is uglu, another way is to switch to a 
>monospaced font (\tt or so); in case of <>| being active chars, \string< 
>and \string> does wonders, although this is pretty ugly in the source; 
>actually, any decent verbatim environment should provide you the means to 
>display these chars.
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