[pdftex] PSTricks

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Jan 21 10:22:39 CET 2002

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002 at 19:15, John S. Dey wrote:

   Thanks again for the help.  I grabbed pdftricks.sty and after
   several compatibility changes it is now functioning on my
   RH7.1 Linux x86.  My system doesn't have a program ps2eps but

I too am a Linux user and is tested only in Linux, I wonder, what 
sort of compatibility changes are needed.

ps2eps is available at CTAN:/tex-archive/support/ps2eps. This is
required since the dvips generated EPS of psTricks code often has
wrong bounding box. Most of the time, curved edges are chopped.  
ps2eps fixes this problem.

   You use predefined packages for fig*.tex.  Wouldn't it be
   better to use all the ps* packages specified in the input tex
   program.  For instance, I hacked your program to include
   pst-text and pst-grad.

No, this is not needed. You need to provide the packages required to
process your pstricks code within an environment \begin{psinputs}...
\end{psinputs}. The manual explains this in detail. This environment
will write all the package names to an external file viz.,
tmp.inputs which will be read by LaTeX when processing the pstricks
figure files.


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