[pdftex] PSTricks

Martin Schroeder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Jan 17 17:28:06 CET 2002

On 2002-01-17 15:42:45 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm no PDF guru, but I recall that in the PDF specification
> (or at least, in the one I read a couple of years ago)
> it said that PostScript graphics _could_ be included in a PDF file,
> but that they might not be printed.

This feature (PostScript XObjects) is deprecated since PDF 1.2:

<quote src=pdf 1.2 spec>
PostScript XObjects should be used with extreme caution and only
to obtain results not otherwise possible in PDF. Inappropriate
use of PostScript XObjects can cause PDF files to print

<quote src=pdf 1.3 reference>
Note: Since PDF 1.3 encompasses all of the Adobe imaging model
features of the PostScript language, there is no longer any
reason to use PostScript XObjects. This feature is likely to be
removed from PDF in a future version.

It's still in the 1.4 reference, but with the same warning.


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