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Basically, pdftex  can't cope with the pstricks macros, since they
involve tex \special's featuring raw postscript code, and pdftex
does not incorporate a postscript interpreter.

Nowadays there is a pdftricks package for pdflatex, which in some
way enables pdflatex to deal with pstricks: when a pstricks
figure is encountered it calls up latex and dvips and ghostscript
on the fly to generate postscript and convert it to pdf for 
subsequent inclusion by pdflatex. As written, it assumes your
operating system is linux/unix. I've never tried it myself.

Bob Howlett


Quoting "John S. Dey" <jsdey at mindspring.com>:

> First thanks to all the developers of pdftex.  Great product.
> I have discovered "The Latex Graphics Companion" and have been trying
> out 
> some of the techniques presented using pdflatex.  I haven't been able to
> get some of the color examples to work.  Could someone suggest changes
> to, 
> as an example, 4-5-14, which uses pstcol and pst-char packages to place
> a 
> background color in a character font while the border of the character
> has 
> a different color.  The example works with the dvips driver but not 
> pdflatex.  I am using the standard pdftex that comes with RH7.1 Linux. 
> I 
> have updated the pdftex.def file.
> Is pdftex compatible with all the packages used in the book.  And if
> not, 
> is there information available that describes limitations.  I have seen
> that some enterprising sole has worked up the Metapost examples.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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