[pdftex] Re: redirecting tex dvi output

Lloyd Dalton daltonlp at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 15:26:51 CET 2002

David Carlisle wrote:

>can't you just wrap pdftex in a script that does
>pdftex $1
>mv $1.pdf $2
>(maybe with a bit of error checking etc, for safety)

That's pretty much what I have right now.  I was
looking for a way to avoid creating physical files.

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:

>pdfTeX does not write the PDF file byte after byte,
>sometimes it goes back and changes some bytes
>(length of streams).

Thanks, I didn't know that.  That basically rules out
any piping.  It's a shame TeX behaves that way (I
assume it's because of TeX, and not just pdftex). 
There must have been some good reason for coding it
that way, since it seems to go against intuition.


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