[pdftex] More on printing with Acrobat 5

P.W.Daly, MPAe, Lindau, Germany daly at linmpi.mpg.de
Wed Jan 9 11:26:12 CET 2002

A few weeks ago, I asked about a problem I was having with pdfTeX and Acrobat
5. The answer I received was to update my pdfTeX. I would like to report on
what I have discovered in the meantime for anyone else having this problem.

What was happening was that embedded fonts were not being found on printing
(they viewed fine) and were being substituted with defaults. Since these were
often math fonts, the defaults were totally inappropriate.

At the time I was using pdfTeX 0.14h (fptex compilation). I then found the
latest version on CTAN and TeXLive6 which is called  pre-1.0-unofficial. (This
version of pdfTeX incidently writes .14h as its version number in the PDF file,
so the results appear indistinguishable from the previous one.) 

This  seemed to solve the embedded font problem, but produced a new one.
Certain characters in the embedded fonts are simply not printed, they remain
blank. Furthermore, I discovered that some fonts are still not found, in
particular, the lcircle and line fonts used for picture mode.

I have now found the solution (I hope) to both of these. Updating to Acrobat
5.0.5 solved the additional "missing" font problem. And the missing characters
could be solved by unclicking  "Optimize for speed" in the print menu.

So I hope that finishes off the printing problems with Acrobat 5, but I have my

Regards, Patrick

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