[pdftex] PFB font

P.W.Daly, MPAe, Lindau, Germany daly at linmpi.mpg.de
Wed Aug 28 10:42:59 CEST 2002

> I just start using Pdfslide and i download manual file from
> Radhakrishnan who wrote it.
> the problem is that pdflatex cannot open type1 font file such lbmo.pfb,
> lbms.pfb, lbme.pfb etc.
> where can i download those font files? 
> i've searched in www.ctan.org but i'm rather confused with the category 
> of fonts.

These fonts are part of the Lucida mathematical set and are commercial ones.
You would have to buy them from www.yandy.com. You must be able to setup your
system to use regular fonts.

Regards, Patrick Daly

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