[pdftex] PFB font

jitkomut nungu at control.ee.eng.chula.ac.th
Wed Aug 28 15:03:52 CEST 2002

Hello  pdftex user,

I just start using Pdfslide and i download manual file from Radhakrishnan who wrote it.

the problem is that pdflatex cannot open type1 font file such lbmo.pfb, lbms.pfb, lbme.pfb etc.

where can i download those font files?  
i've searched in www.ctan.org but i'm rather confused with the category of fonts.

anyone who know please suggest me,

finally,  i'm wondering that what's the difference between "PPower4" and "Pdfslide"? 
at first, i thought that the PPower4's advantage is we can use the effect and dynamic tag in pdf file. but after i saw the demo file of Pdfslide,  it can do in the same way....am i misunderstanding in something?

thanks you


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