[pdftex] hyperref link appearance control

Mark Moll mmoll at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 17 10:43:11 CEST 2002

On 4/17/02 6:24 AM, Daniel Garcia wrote:
> I do not like the box that is around the links, so I
> want to change this behavior. One option is to
> underline the text, and the other is to change the
> color of the text. The both are good for me, but what
> I want is not to see the underline or the color of the
> text when I print the document. Is that possible?, I
> imagine that this is possible cause the box is not
> printed.

Underlining is not possible, but you can make the box itself a
lighter color and have it drawn with a dashed line:

     citebordercolor={.7 .8 .8},%
     linkbordercolor={.7 .8 .8},%
     pdfborder={0 0 1 [3]}}


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