[pdftex] pdfTeX linking by symbolic name

CGvanderLaan at hetnet.nl cgl at hetnet.nl
Tue Apr 16 09:11:38 CEST 2002

I solicit for your comments on the wrap
around plain macro for linking by a symbolic name.

The purpose is to create `words' in a line as buttons.
For my purpose at the moment it works, but maybe it
is too simple.

\def\bluepdflink#1#2{%#1 = to be linked item, the `button'
                    %#2 = the link symbolic name
\leavevmode\pdfstartlink height 10pt depth 3pt
 attr{/Border [0 0 0]} goto name{#2}

\def\bluepdfdest#1{%#1=the symbolic link name
  \pdfdest name{#1} xyz }

...<preceding text>
---a \bluepdflink{BLUe}{blue} look---
...<following text>

and on the destination page

...<preceding text>
...<following text>

The next step will be to measure the first parameter
of \bluepdflink and insert the quantities instead of
 \pdfstartlink height 10pt depth 3pt...
or simpler, let the user specify these by introducing
a third and fourth parameter
 \pdfstartlink height #3pt depth #4pt...
Maybe this should be done in a two-part macro context,
especially when the buttons are not just words.

I wrote a similar wrap around for the PS mark
  [.../link pdfmark
but I'm not sure whether this list is the
right audience to discuss this functional
equivalent for the workflow


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