[pdftex] No images at all...

bgeneto at ig.com.br bgeneto at ig.com.br
Tue Sep 25 19:15:24 CEST 2001

Hi, List! 

Why I can't see any images in my pdf document generated by pdflatex v.13d? 
I've tried all kinds of images (eps,bmp,tif,wmf,...), except pdf, in the 
LaTeX source, but all fail to create those images. No problem with dvi or 
ps. What's the reason? And why just pdflatex generate correct fonts from our 
LaTeX source when we use packages like times,lucida,walbaum and others? In 
that case, both, dvi and ps, fail to create these fonts. I'm using 
\includegraphics in the source and some times \epsfig. 
I have one solution, but I think it is not good: I could print the document 
twice, one using Computer modern--with graphics in a dvi file; other with 
pdf--with fonts and nothing more and make a cut and paste.:) Thank you for 
help such a dummie guy, 

Bernhard Enders 
Institute of Physics 
Brasilia - Brasil 

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