[pdftex] pdfTeX, TeX and EPS

Heiko Oberdiek oberdiek at ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Sep 20 13:11:38 CEST 2001

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Christopher S. Swingley wrote:

> How does one using *TeX*, get EPS figures into a PDF file using
> pdftex?
> Right now my TeX file contains:
>     \input epsf
>     \centerline{\epsfysize=5.5in\epsfbox{figure.eps}}
> I was able to convert the 'figure.eps' to a PDF using epstopdf,
> but the only inclusion macro I found was in the 'supp-pdf' input file:
>     \input supp-pdf
>     \centerline{\pdfimage{figure.pdf}}

* PDF import is much better in current pdfTeX versions
  than in old ones.
* The syntax of pdfTeX primitive commands and the concept
  of image inclusion have changed in 0.14. So \pdfimage will
  not work and supp-pdf (reading the pdf file within TeX
  is not longer required.)
* I suggest using graphicx.sty. It can be used in plain TeX,
  using miniltx.tex:
    \input miniltx
    \def\Gin at driver{pdftex.def}
    \input graphicx.sty

Then you can use the common LaTeX graphics interface,
described in grfguide.ps, with plain formats.

miniltx.tex is available on CTAN, a current pdftex.def:

> This works, but I can't figure out how to scale it to an appropriate
> size (the figure is larger than a piece of paper).


Yours sincerely
  Heiko <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de>

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