[pdftex] pdfTeX, TeX and EPS

Christopher S. Swingley cswingle at iarc.uaf.edu
Wed Sep 19 21:41:59 CEST 2001


I know I've seen the answer to this question somewhere on this list,
but a search through my archives (as well as a frustratingly long time
on Google) failed to yield the answer.

How does one using *TeX*, get EPS figures into a PDF file using

Right now my TeX file contains:

    \input epsf

I was able to convert the 'figure.eps' to a PDF using epstopdf,
but the only inclusion macro I found was in the 'supp-pdf' input file:

    \input supp-pdf

This works, but I can't figure out how to scale it to an appropriate
size (the figure is larger than a piece of paper).

Also, several months ago folks were discussing problems with fonts in
the Acroread 5.  Did these issues ever get resolved with Adobe (OK,
just kidding!) or does a new version of pdfTeX solve the font problems?


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