[pdftex] how to implement global JavaScript functions using pdfLaTeX

Dr. Thomas Risse risse at hs-bremen.de
Fri Sep 14 17:59:22 CEST 2001


I use pdfTeX 14f with hyperref 6.70m, Babel 3.6z ... and I
don't know how to implement  g l o b a l  JS functions in TeX.
I don't want to have to use the Adobe Acrobat Writer
    tools -> forms -> document-JS ... to insert a global
JavaScript function into each new version of some
pdf-document generated by pdfLaTeX.
Instead, I would like to specify the global function
in the source TeX-file. I could not find any  w o r k i n g
example with source in the web or hints in this list
except maybe D.P:Story's insDLJS.

Is there a canonical way to embed global JS functions
(specified in the source file) into pdf documents?
Any hint appreciated, Thomas

I was very much impressed by Hans Hagens calculat.pdf
which led to the idea to implement some interactive numeric
algorithms in my lecture notes for mathematics.
After some problems especially with multi linguality
I came up with an english/german version of basic numerics

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