[pdftex] ANN: New Package: insDLJS

D. P. Story story at uakron.edu
Tue Sep 4 13:52:03 CEST 2001

Hi all,

I would like to announce the pre-release of a new LaTeX package, 
insDLJS, for testing and feedback.

The package defines a new environment called insDLJS for 
inserting document-level JavaScripts from a LaTeX source into 
the PDF file produced by dvipsone, dvips, pdfex, and dvipdfm.

For example,

\begin{insDLJS}[HelloWorld]{mydljs}{My Private DLJS}
function HelloWorld()
    app.alert("@Hello", 3);

in the preamble (or in another package) inserts the javascript 
function HelloWorld() at the document level The function can be 
called by various mouse actions, such as clicking on a form button.

I've already discovered a minor problem with the german package
(thanks to Ralf Neubersch), which has been corrected.  I'm 
particularly interested in seeing how the package works in 
combination with the various language  packages, to see if there 
are any conflicts.

Please contact me by e-mail if you are interesting in obtaining a 
pre-release version of insDLJS along with a simple test file.

This package was written for the TUG 2001 Conference recently 
the the University of Delaware.

Now, I must get back to work.

Dr. D. P. Story dpstory at uakron.edu
http://www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/ Dept of Mathematics
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