[pdftex] Re: animated gifs with seminar/quicktime with pdftex

Baar.J.van. baar at el.utwente.nl
Fri Oct 19 16:12:21 CEST 2001

For the mentioned animations "VTeX" has been  used, see URL
http://www.micropress-inc.com/linux/    for the distribution.

The time delay between the pictures of the animation has not been realized using
javascript, In stead the time has been used, which is needed to render each
Pdflatex cannot handle animated gifs.

Dr. Story is busy with implementing global javascript in pdf: the
"insdljs-package". In the list of previous month I read that if you are
interested you can contact him. I will wait for the release and try it.
Maybe it is possible to include some png-files with a timer.

In the past I have downloaded a file containing:
     \pdfannot width 4in height 0in depth 3in {%
         /Subtype /Movie
         /Movie << /F (MovieFile.mov) >>}
     An example of movie annotation}
Using pdflatex it compiled well on my linux machine. It worked under MSwindows
with quicktime. Quicktime is not available for unix/linux.


>I have a basic question about animations and latex.
>The fourth demonstration file at www.tug.org on the seminar package
>shows animations.
>Are they quicktime movies or animated gif89 ?
>Would it be better to use pdflatex and include animations
>in quicktime format ?
>thanks for any help and feedback.

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