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Reed, Martin J mjreed at essex.ac.uk
Thu Oct 4 11:10:08 CEST 2001


I am trying to create hyper link to an external documents so that when 
delivered over a web server clicking on the link will cause the download of 
the second document and link to the label. I am using the package xr-hyper 
and find that this works fine for the documents on my local file sytem but 
fails for delivery through a web server. Message in Acrobat 4 is "There was 
an error opening this document. No such file or directory.".

Example documents are at the end of this mail. If xr-hyper will not work I 
could include an \href (or equiv) but for this to work I need to know the 
external pdf bookmark. Is it possible to discover this from a document and 
then link to it via a URL (I guess something like 

Any help would be appreciated

Martin Reed.

Example documents:
%document one test.tex
% this next line fails with warning from Acrobat as above
test a link \ref{testlabel}
% this launches web browser and downloads document but is
% not a link to the correct label position

%document to link to test2.tex
\section{Page one}

\section{page two}
Some more text

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