[pdftex] Producing and optimizing PDF-1.2

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Oct 4 11:01:11 CEST 2001

On 2001-10-03 20:24:37 -0400, Cosmin Truta wrote:
> Is it any way to convince newer versions of pdfTeX to produce PDF-1.2,
> such as the "-dCompatibilityLevel=1.2" switch in Ghostscript, or the
> "/CompatibilityLevel 1.2" switch in Distiller?


> - or: is the PDF-1.3 produced by my pdfTeX already compatible with
> Acrobat 3? (e.g. is it safe to replace "PDF-1.3" with "PDF-1.2" manually
> in the output?)

I don't think so.

> - or: is there any way to "distill" PDF-1.3 and produce valid PDF-1.2,
> without losing hyperlinks or bookmarks?

You might try exporting the PDF-1.3 to PS via Acrobat and then
distill this to PDF-1.2


> Another question is about the "optimized" field of a PDF file. I believe
> this kind of optimization is different than the zlib compression level,
> because even if I set \pdfcompresslevel to 9, the reader shows me
> "Optimized: No". Does this optimization refer to the internal organization
> of the PDF structures, so that the file takes less memory or disk space,
> or perhaps can be printed faster? Can I set the pdfTeX optimization
> flag; if yes, how?

   src="Reader Guide" 
   note="available from Acrobat Reader via Help->Reader Guide"
Optimized indicates whether the file has been optimized.
(Optimized files can be downloaded one page at a time from a Web

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