[pdftex] pdftex compilation

Kuznetsov A,V. kuzn at htsc.mephi.ru
Wed Nov 21 10:27:48 CET 2001

Dear pdftex guru, please, help me.

On FreeBSD 4.4-stable + teTeX-1.0.7 I try to compile
pdftex from pdftex-20010806.tgz downloaded from CTAN.
Compilation crashes with message

gcc -o web2c main.o y_tab.o lex.yy.o -lfl ../lib.a ../../kpathsea/STATIC/lib
kpathsea -lm ./tangle ./tangle.web ./tangle.ch
./tangle: No such file o directory
Error code 1
Stop in /tmp/src/texk/web2c

Indeed, tangle.web and tangle.ch are present in /src/texk/web2c
of the source-package, but tangle is absent.

Where can I take tangle?
What source-package should be used to compile "current/stable" pdftex?

Thanks in advance

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