[pdftex] pdfximage minor bug

Ricardo Sanchez Carmenes carmenes at bioinf.medicina.uniovi.es
Thu Nov 15 19:11:08 CET 2001

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Hans Hagen wrote:

> At 05:35 PM 11/15/2001 +0100, Ricardo Sanchez Carmenes wrote:
> >pdfximage width  5cm {fig.pdf}$$\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> >\pdfximage width 10cm {fig.pdf}$$\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> a temporary way out is:
> \immediate \pdfximage width  5cm {eerste.pdf}$$\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> \immediate \pdfximage width 10cm {eerste.pdf}$$\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> also try:
> \pdfximage width  5cm {eerste.pdf}$$\immediate\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> \pdfximage width 10cm {eerste.pdf}$$\immediate\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage$$
> and you'll get a funny message [looks like a bug too)

and also with


but I am not sure that it is a bug. I think \immediate not expected to
precede \pdftrefximage, according to the following syntax description

  " The image is kept in memory and will be written to the PDF output
    only when its number is refered to by \pdfrefximage or \pdfximage is
    preceded by \immediate. Nothing is appended to the list being
    built. The number of the most recently created XObject image is
    accessible via \pdflastximage. "

In any case, pdftex 0.14h already behaved this way.


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