[pdftex] Indirect objects table size

Martin Schroeder martin at oneiros.de
Tue Nov 13 15:50:44 CET 2001

On 2001-11-13 13:17:15 +0100, Hans Hagen wrote:
> you can also increase the number of destinations
> dest_names_size
> (although i think that this is not that important for your app)

Probably not. The error came because of an included page with a
dotted line where the dots are made by image masks -- results in
10K++ objects per included page. The page was included 8 times on
a page.¹

Is there a list of all the parameters special to pdfTeX (i.e. not
usefull for standard TeX) somewhere in the documentation? Or do I
have to dig through the sources?

Best regards

¹Of course this happens when I'm home tending my cold. :-{

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