[pdftex] Indirect objects table size

Martin Schroeder martin at oneiros.de
Tue Nov 13 12:18:16 CET 2001

we just got this error:

 > <use ./T1318323parzimp2.pdf, page 1> <./T1318324parzimp2.pdf     
 > ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [indirect objects table size=65536].
 > <argument> ... page \GPT at page \fi {\Gin at base .pdf}
 >                                                   \setbox \@tempboxa =\hbox ...

Am I correct in assuming that the size of the indirect object table size is
configured with 
in texmf.cnf? And what's the maximum value this parameter can have?

Any other parameters one might want to increase for a pdfTeX installation?
We already have main_memory = 8000000 and pool_size = 500000.

Best regards

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