[pdftex] /Rotate

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Wed Nov 7 18:13:50 CET 2001

On 2001-11-06 00:43:29 +0100, Martin Schröder wrote:
> On 2001-11-05 22:03:04 +0100, Gerben Wierda wrote:
> > > the rotation is now handeled correctly, however the baseline of the
> > > picture is now shifted half an inch downwards, so the picture partially
> > >
> > > is this another bug, is there a way to fix it without waiting for a new
> > > build of teteX.
> > 
> > Is this a known problem?
> No. The /Rotate feature works perfectly for us. Please send me a
> testcase.

I got it and can reproduce the problem. This occurs because the
included picture is cropped (i.e. it has a /CropBox which is
smaller than the /MediaBox) and pdfTeX takes the CropBox as the
dimensions of the picture. This seems to screw up the positioning
of the graphics inclusion.

I will investigate further.

If anybody wants the testcases, mail me.

Best regards

P.S.: This doesn't show up with our internal version because we
      always use the /MediaBox. But that's only correct in our
      special case.

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