[pdftex] /Rotate

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Mon Nov 5 22:03:04 CET 2001

This question I got from someone who installed my binary distribution of 
pdfTeX for Mac OS X:

> i used to work with the teteX implementation of pdflatex (i guess 14h)
> provided by gerben wierda for the mac os x platform. pdf pictures
> rotated in acrobat did not show up rotated in the output as the /Rotate
> pdf command was not honored.
> i read in this newsgroup that a fix to this problem was provided in may.
> so, i downloaded the latest teteX (pretest 20010806, released 11/01).
> the rotation is now handeled correctly, however the baseline of the
> picture is now shifted half an inch downwards, so the picture partially
> is this another bug, is there a way to fix it without waiting for a new
> build of teteX.

Is this a known problem?



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