[pdftex] TeTeX: pdflatex

Frank Cornelis Frank.Cornelis at rug.ac.be
Sat Mar 31 20:45:20 CEST 2001


I'm using the teTeX distribution that comes with RedHat 7.0. But, when I
use pdflatex together with the color package I sometimes get half colored
pages when I did put the color back to black. Example:

\documentclass ... 
   int main () { // intel alike source code formatting using blue
... this should be in black, but sometimes appears in
blue ... 

Some parts of my docs appear in blue when I did
ask for black. Has this bug been detected by anyone else? Has is been
fixed in later distributions of teTeX?
When I use latex followed by dvips then the problem doesn't 
appear to me. But of course, I _need_ a pdf file. 
Please don't tell me about ps2pdf. That tool does make 
my pdf's look bad.
You can contact me at Frank.Cornelis at rug.ac.be 


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