[pdftex] How to limit pages range?? (eg pages 21-42)

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.com
Thu Mar 22 12:23:00 CET 2001

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Mark Phillips wrote:

: How can I specify that I only want a limited range of pages in my pdf
: output?  If I used latex to generate a dvi file, I could then do
: something like:

1. grab the pdfpages from CTAN. 

2. Compile your document with pdfLaTeX in the normal way.

3. Make a document as given below:



\includepdf[firstpage=30, % the start page
            lastpage=40]  % the end page
            {your source pdf with/without extension}


4. Compile this document with pdfLaTeX, you get a new pdf exactly like
   the original with the marked pages alone.

I have signed it at http://FreeDevelopers.Net/freedomdec, did you?

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