[pdftex] Problem with pdftex and metafont generated fonts

Tony Kennedy adk at ph.ed.ac.uk
Fri Mar 16 22:50:22 CET 2001

I have created a font using Metafont which works perfectly when used with
TeX, but using pdftex I get the wrong characters selected from the font. The
problem manifests itself even when producing a table of characters from the
font using testfont.tex. I could provide lots more information, but I at the
moment I have no idea what is relevant to the problem. I would welcome any

The version of pdftex I am using is:

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159-14d (MiKTeX 1.20e) (preloaded format=plain
2000.8.22)  15 MAR 2001 22:02


Anthony D Kennedy

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