[pdftex] How to produce individual pdf chapters...

Tim Brunne brunne at hmi.de
Fri Mar 16 14:53:48 CET 2001

Thierry Bouche wrote:
> » > I'd quite like what the questioner asks,
> » > but with the addition of a table of contents
> » > (in PDF or HTML?)
> » > which points to the different chapters.
> »
> » Me Too! What would be involved to get this to work?
> this can't be done with one pdflatex run. You maybe could do it with a
> makefile, the pb being how to generate a toc from multiple latex
> files, which is sureley doable with a write or even from .aux.

I am interested in a solution to this problem too.

I am required to submit my thesis chapter-wise, with
a (hyper-) table of contents for the whole work.
Maybe also links between different chapters should work
(as external links), as they are working, as if the 
whole thesis was one file. --- The university library
suggests to do this manually with the destiller from Adobe.

So: Is there a solution of this problem existing somewhere

Tim Brunne

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