[pdftex] tex2pdf 2.0 released

Steffen Evers forevers at gmx.de
Fri Mar 16 01:31:24 CET 2001

tex2pdf 2.0 finished: I have cleaned up the code a lot and made it work with LyX

You can get it from http://tex2pdf.berlios.de/

It works as a converter for PDF inside LyX now. You don't need to set any flags.
Just use 'tex2pdf $$i' in Edit->Preferences->Converters->Converters:

Feedback is wanted, of cause: mailto:tex2pdf-devel at lists.berlios.de .

I think this is it for a while... except someone finds something really bad or
wants to work on it himself. Anyone is welcome to send me patches and
suggestions. I will collect them and keep it in mind for the next release. Most
welcome are patches against the CVS Repository on the tex2pdf's developer site.

If someone likes to port it to Perl: Go ahead!

Bye, Steffen

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