[pdftex] pdftex produces blank documents on MacOS

Bill Brooks wbrooks at lug.ee.calpoly.edu
Tue Mar 13 11:51:29 CET 2001


I'm using pdfTeX (Web2C 7.3.1) 3.14159-0.13d on Linux; this version comes
with the regular RedHat Linux 6.2. 

My problem is that any documents I produce with it are completely blank
when viewed with Acrobat Reader 4.0 on the Apple Macintosh. Just to make
sure it wasn't me, I downloaded the source for pdfTeX-FAQ.tex from the
website and compiled it, same thing: views great on Linux and Solaris, but
on the Mac it shows up as 21 blank pages. 

Has anyone else run into this? Any solutions? 


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