[pdftex] Poorly formed PDF file?

Jody M. Klymak jklymak at OCE.ORST.EDU
Sun Mar 11 13:58:47 CET 2001


I am having trouble including some PDF files into my PDFLaTeX documents.
The resulting PDF files look OK in in Acrobat, but will not print to
post-script printers, choking when they reach the offending figure.
Similarly, creating a postscript file in Acrobat makes a PS file that
Ghostscript cannot interpret.

I suspect that my graphics preparation path is to blame - in particular
Matlab eps file->Illustrator PDFfile -> PDFLaTeX.

Also, note that GSView manages to print the PDF file, but at a very slow
speed.  Thats fine for me, but I want people to be able to use these
documents, and expecting them to get ghostscript is unreasonable.

Any hints would be appreciated.  I've put the offending files at

I am using fpTeX 0.4:
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159-14h-pretest-20010210 (Web2c

Thanks,  Jody

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