[pdftex] [bug] color names are not encoded correctly when including files

Han The Thanh thanh at informatics.muni.cz
Sat Mar 10 10:14:32 CET 2001

> when including pdf files which have color names which include a %
> char (which must be encoded as '#25'), pdfTeX (Web2C 7.3.1)
> 3.14159-0.14f-released-20000525 produces color names which
> include a % -- which is incorrect.
> Enclosed are a small postscript file (seppercent.ps) which when
> distilled (seppercent.pdf) and enclosed in latex (test1.tex)
> produces an incorrent pdf (test1.pdf). The name of the color is
> foo%bar (or foo#25bar).
> Any chance of fixing this?

I uploaded a new version of pdftex which has this problem fixed.

Please check it out at

(also submitted to the texlive5 server)


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