[pdftex] hoffsets, voffset and better solutions

Dok, D. van d.vandok at ecn.nl
Wed Mar 7 17:20:55 CET 2001

This is slightly off-topic as far as pdftex is concerned, but I like the
knowledgable crowd ;)

I'm making documents with folding lines, which should divide the paper in
three equal parts. Problems arise when I share these documents with other
people. First of all, they must take care to switch off the `fit to page'
option in Acrobat Reader as it will reduce the page to make the lines fit
within the printable area.

But even then, different printers have different characteristics and some of
them print with a considerable offset. I could use a different
hoffset/voffset for each user, but does anyone know a better solution?

Dennis van Dok

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