[pdftex] Music for pdfTeX?

Christophe Declercq cdeclercq at nordnet.fr
Wed Jun 27 22:21:33 CEST 2001

Hi, Magnus!

> De : Magnus Lie Hetland <mlh at idi.ntnu.no>
> A : pdfTeX <pdftex at tug.org>
> Objet : [pdftex] Music for pdfTeX?
> Date : mercredi 27 juin 2001 17:47
> Basically, I want to typeset some simple (monophonic)
> music in pdfLaTeX, and am wondering how to do that.
> I have looked at MusiXTeX, which looks wonderful,

Yes, MusiXTeX is wonderful but difficult to use. To make things easier,
you can use a pre-processor like M-Tx (see

A problem with MusiXTeX is that you will get Type III fonts which are
badly rendered in Acrobat Reader.

A good idea would be to try the ABC language: a much simpler to use
(actually, it began its life in abc2mTeX, a pre-processor for MusicTeX)
but yet powerful language created by Chris Walshaw

There are tools to convert it to PostScript, from which you can easily
get PDF files to use with pdfLaTeX. For example, try 'abcm2ps' by
Jean-François Moine (http://moinejf.free.fr/).

Hope it helps.


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