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At 13:36 2001-06-26 -0400, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:

>Hans' test files points out another bug in Acrobat 5.0.  The problem is
>when one uses pdftex to include another PDF file.  The font resources
>are scanned over, and sometimes a Type 1 font is written into the PDF
>file with an encoding array that looks like this:
>/Enoding 256 array
>0 1 255 {1 index /.notdef exch put} for
>readonly def
>Acrobat 5.0 does not like this.  I will try to come up with a fix this

Err, what is the problem with that --- other than dyslexia :-):

/Encoding 256 array
0 1 255 {1 index exch /.notdef put} for
dup 49 /one put
readonly def

Is the problem in the font included in the EPS file?
Or is it when importing the font following a %%IncludeFont:
DSC comment?


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