[pdftex] Re: Old-style figures in Palatino?

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Sun Jun 24 22:24:11 CEST 2001

Berthold Crysmann a écrit :
> Thierry Bouche wrote:
> > the zip includes text fonts (OT1, T1 and TS1 with euro) and two math
> > italics fonts (OML) with a mixture of palatino (at least greek) and cm
> You could actually use the pxfonts, or mathpazo here, couldn't you?

Of course, but some work has to be made anyway, what i posted was in
fact a straightforward answer to someone's query about using lino
palatino OsF, I think the current fonts for OT1 and T1 are correct (the
Greek is included in OT1, the only holes in OT1 are dotlessj and the
small slash (but prebuilt lslash are included), in T1 perthousandzero
and dotlessj) and can't be enhanced.

The maths fonts (I consider OT1 fonts as math fonts, in this respect,
the 9t font is not really suitable, because its = won't do a usable
\Rightarrow, e.g.) and TS1 can't be considered as really usefull (for
some reason the var greek is still in CM, some TS1 glyphs were not found
by fontinst due to naming problems -- such as the one for euro that
euro.mtx exemplifies). So this part of the work (and lpalat badly
support it anyway) is to be considered at draft pre-alpha level.

More maths can be used from lino palat, that weren't seen by fontinst
because of glyph naming, maybe the remaining maths could be borrowed
from px or mathpazo, yes. Anyway, as i recently said on the news, i
consider palatino as a display font, thus palatino maths is a just a
case study on how to make use of this large glyph set, and the OTF
inclusion feature Thanh added, with pdftex, i don't consider that
serious. Using OsF with Palatino is much more a serious issue, imho.

> Do the fonts contain the International Phonetic Alphabet? If so, I would be
> very grateful if you considered also to provide a T3 encoding.

I'm not absolutely familiar with IPA, but I don't see it. I included a
lplr.afm that lists all the included glyphs. The ones which have
meaningless names are either afii (cyrillic) or uniXXXX, in which case
XXXX is the unicode number of the canonical charachter associated to
that glyph, for instance, varbeta's name is uni03D0, I don't know what
uni01B7 or uni0292 are... (the only things that somehow look like an IPA


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