[pdftex] Re: Old-style figures in Palatino?

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Sat Jun 23 11:25:32 CEST 2001

Tom Kacvinsky a écrit :

> How did you get the AFMs? Did you use ttf2afm?


Lino palat is a strange beast: no unicode slots, but standard glyph
names, which in fact is a good thing for us (ttf2afm/fontinst).

The kerning reflects linotype's philosophy that it is not needed, it's
as minimal as the T1 version, but I don't know if I miss some part of it
due to the fact that ttf2afm can't extract the whole metrics of an

The next step would be to make as much encodings as possible (at least a
text polytonic greek, cyrillic, east european, a longs/finals and
alternate as well) and look in more details into the maths fonts.

PS How do you automatically wrap a TTF font into a T42 from dvips.map ?

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