[pdftex] Re: Old-style figures in Palatino?

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Sat Jun 23 01:56:42 CEST 2001

Thierry Bouche a écrit :

> I may send you a working
> setup if I find some time for that.

well... I did it, the relevant files are packaged in 

What is this ?
All the files you need (except the actual .ttf files that are bundled
with win2000, maybe you can find them somewhere on the gigantic www site
of MS?) to switch to palatino linotype OTF.

This may not be ordered according to TDS or your texmf.cnf, but it's not
that hard to figure where to put things.

the sources and some examples PDF are included as well.

The idea in this was to break the big TTFs (1200+ glyphs!) into 8bits
parts with LaTeX known encodings, then installing them straightforwardly
with fontinst (I loosely made a modified 8x.enc in order to have few
more glyphs such as euro and eng, rather than making yet another font &

This could work as well with dvips, the only required thing would be to
make PFBs from the TTFs, which is something that can be done with
FontLab, e.g.

the zip includes text fonts (OT1, T1 and TS1 with euro) and two math
italics fonts (OML) with a mixture of palatino (at least greek) and cm
(for some reason, i tried to use belleek, and it failed).


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