[pdftex] pdftex patch with pdfcrypt plus several fixes

Ricardo Sanchez Carmenes carmenes at bioinf.medicina.uniovi.es
Thu Jun 21 13:52:40 CEST 2001


This is to annouce that I have updated the patch that provides encrypting
functionality to pdftex. It integrates the several patches contributed by 
Otfried Cheong, Martin Schröder and Tom Kacvinsky, that solve problems
regarding multipage PDF inclusion, page rotation and the AR5 printing

You may found the source patch and linux precompiled binaries here:


Djgpp precompiled binaries will be available tomorrow;
I cannot compile binaries for Win* nor Solaris.

The pdfcrypt sources have been modified so that encryption-specific
routines are all in one single file that exists in two versions: one
dummy file that does nothing (for US exportability) and one fully
functional file to get encryption.

The source patch in my ftp site contains both versions, but Thanh
will eventually include only the dummy one in the regular sources.


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