[pdftex] Patch for pdftex for subsetted font printing problem

Mark A. Wicks mwicks at kettering.edu
Mon Jun 18 19:03:48 CEST 2001

> On that note, I have to ask: how does DVIPSONE get around this?  Does it
> fully interpret the charstirng commands?  Did you know that rand is a
> supported Type 1 charstring command?  How do you handle that, especially

    That's interesting.  I didn't know "rand" was a supported Type 1
charstring command. It's not documented in the "Adobe Type 1 Font Format."  
If the "Adobe Type 1 Font Format" is a complete list of charstring
commands, the only commands that seem to be a problem are div,
callothersubr, callsubr, and pop.  If that's true, it doesn't sound
impossible to partially interpret "div" and a few other operators.

    In any case, if "rand" is supported, the only safe thing would be not
to subset subrs. Is that what you are suggesting?

> I am taking my cue from the email we (Thanh, you, and I) received this
> weekend from Adobe...

   Is Adobe recommending not to subset subrs?  If "rand" is available in
charstrings, then could "seac" also get called with random arguments?  
That would argue against subsetting charstrings too.


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