[pdftex] Epstopdf and fonts

Olivier Janin ocjanin at club-internet.fr
Fri Jun 15 15:22:51 CEST 2001

I've got problems with fonts after the conversion of EPS figures containing
text into PDF with epstopdf.

For example, I compile the simple text $x$ in a \documentclass{article},
then produce the PS file, convert it into EPS by GSView, and finally apply
The result looks ugly, and Acrobat Reader tells me that
the Font used in the PDF file for the $x$ is a Type 3 font named A. The same
problem arise when using ps2pdf from the PS file.

When I compile the same tex source with pdftex, the PDF file looks perfect,
and the font used is the correct one, namely the Type1 CMMI12.

Is it possible to tell epstopdf or ps2pdf what fonts are to be used ? I
really need to solve this problem not for this stupid example, but to be
able to include figures drawed with the latexcad package into a PDF

Any help appreciated !

O. Janin

P.S. :  I'm using a WinNT version of fptex, my version of pdftex is
14h-released-20010417 for windows, ghostscript 7.00, GSView 4.0, the perl
script epstopdf.pl version 2.7.

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