[pdftex] MediaBox?

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Jun 14 17:36:41 CEST 2001

On 2001-06-14 09:20:58 -0500, Peter Schröder wrote:
> I am not an expert at pdf or pdftex nor at any evolving standards and I
> can't appreciate all the consequences of making some change especially
> when /ArtBox is a new feature in an evolving pdf standard. Having said

/ArtBox is new in PDF 1.3, which was born 1999-03-11. I wouldn't
call that _new_, especially when PDF 1.4 is at the horizon.

> that it strikes me that /MediaBox in pdf corresponds to %%DocumentSize
> in ps and /ArtBox corresponds to %%BoundingBox in ps. Hence when
> \includegraphics looks for %%BoundingBox for (e)ps inclusion it should
> look for /ArtBox for pdf inclusion.

Yes. :-)

Best regards

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