[pdftex] position in destination mark

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 14 14:40:09 CEST 2001

At 11:46 AM 6/14/01 +0200, Vit Zyka wrote:
>I had tried to make a destination mark with given position and zoom
>factor like
>  /D [2 0 R /XYZ 72 769.89 4.0]
>but primitive
>  \pdfdest name{page2} xyz zoom 4000
>can not specify a position (in version 14f). Is any no
>complicated way to create such a complete destination?
>If not I vote for incorporating a several lines into pdftex.ch to enable
>the syntax
>  \pdfdest name{page2} xyz left 72bp top 769.89bp zoom 4000
>in the next pdftex version (1.0?). Looking to source code (see bellow) it
>would not be difficult (I know it is not only thing Han could do in
>pdftex in the end of the month).

For quite some time there is teh pdfannot primitive + a couple of more. I
dare to say that one can make arbitrary complex destinationsb that way. The
primitives are discussed in the manual, and for their usage you should
consult the pdf ref manual. 

So, your wish is already fulfilled -) 

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