[pdftex] Illustrator 9.0 files with pdflatex and graphicx?

siep at elvenkind.com siep at elvenkind.com
Thu Jun 14 09:09:47 CEST 2001

On 13 Jun, Peter Schröder wrote:
> The more I think about it the less I understand why \includegraphics
> looks at the MediaBox. That is almost certainly the wrong thing. It's as
> if you were looking at %%DocumentSize in a ps file when including some
> ps file in a graphic. Instead one looks at BBox.
> Out of curiosity, why does \includegraphics look at MediaBox? And how do
> I turn this behavior off and have it look for BBox instead? (I did try
> to give an explicit bbox argument which I set to the correct values, but
> that did not help).
> Note, my goal is to use Illustrator pdf directly. That way I don't have
> any conversions in the way (it strikes me as a natural thing to want; or
> is there some reason not to want this?). I could save from Illustrator
> to eps and then convert by hand, but that only invites synchronization
> lossage between the Illustrator source and the included file.
> Peter
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Can't you define a custom page size in illustrator?

Siep Kroonenberg

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