[pdftex] Re: tex2pdf 2.1 released

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Jun 12 00:47:40 CEST 2001

Anyone got a "quickstart" to installing all these updates on a
RedHat/RPM system?  If not, what docs will help a "newbie" get
started?  From there, I promise to write a "quickstart" for others
(as I have for LyX).

So I guess all I really need is just an updated pdftex and the
hyperref stuff.  Forget LyX integration -- I can export LaTeX and go
from there at the CLI.

Again, all my RedHat 7.1 TeX stuff comes from its tetex-1.0.7-15 RPM
(2000 Jan?).

-- TheBS

Robert Howlett wrote:
> pdftex implements pdf bookmarks (and has done so for years).
> I don't know anything about LyX; so I can't tell you if it
> can generate a valid pdflatex file incorporating bookmark
> stuff.

"Beuthe, Thomas" wrote:
> You definitely don't want to leave home without hyperref.
> Greatest thing since sliced bread.
> Activates all of your hyperlinks, and creates books marks,
> dances, sings and does many other things the authors of the
> package never imagined when they stated! :-)

Flt Lt J W R Martin wrote:
> I use pdfTeX/pdfLaTeX all the time ot produce my material
> with thumbnails and with bookmarks. You need to investigate pdftex at
> www.tug.org, making sure you get an up-to-date version (a lot has happened
> in a short time with this project). You then need to make sure that you have
> the hyperref package and the thumbpdf package (again, download the latest
> versions as these change to match the advances in pdftex).

-- TheBS

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