[pdftex] Re: tex2pdf 2.1 released -- appologies for my ignorance

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Jun 11 23:22:58 CEST 2001

"Bryan J. Smith" wrote:
> Secondly, since I've got the LyX, tex2pdf and pdftex lists all here
> (note I'm only subscribed to the first), is there any work being
> done on getting PDF "bookmarks" implemented in the output?

[ As I warned you'all, I use LyX as a "crutch."  ;-PPP  My
appologies for some obvious "unfamilarity" here. ]

Several people have informed me that pdftex _does_ do PDF
bookmarking and suggested I check out some more recently releases. 
A simple "-version" on my RedHat 7.1 system reveals that I'm using
"pdfTeX (Web2C 7.3.1) 3.14159-0.13d" which is part of RedHat's tetex
1.0.7-15 RPM.  I take it that is dated?

I see a pdftex here:

Is this what I want?  Also, what else do I need based on my full
RedHat 7.1 install?  I have thumbpdf c/o the tetex 1.0.7-15 RPM
(which I used with the aforementioned tex2pdf script), but that too
seems to be "dated."  [ At this point, I'm starting to get the
feeling you TeX gurus "roll your own" TeX subsystem? ;-P ]

Flt Lt Martin was kind enough to point out that I needed hyperref as
well.  Is this the bookmarking component?

URLs to HOWTOs, RTFM comments/slanders welcome.  ;-PPP  [ Just point
me in the right "direction" when done. ]

Ack, maybe it's time I left my "LyX crutch" and move to full-up TeX
editing (via GViM or other syntax highlighting editor).  I always
figured I could in-line TeX tags with LyX, although something tells
me there are still issues with doing that?  Although I still push
LyX for those "GUI dependant" fellows out there.  ;-PPP

Thanx in advance ...

-- The "TeX apprentice hopeful" BS

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