[pdftex] change bars - revision bars

poete stephane stephane.poete at free.fr
Mon Jun 11 22:00:31 CEST 2001

I really hope someone can help me with the following problem :

I used the revbar.sh script to set revision bars in a tex file, from to
other tex files.

Running latex, I can get the revision bars in my dvi.

I can also get the revision bars in the html file.

But surprisingly, I can not get it from the pdftex run.

I was first using tex2pdf (2.1) to try to get the revision bars, but it
didn't work.

I tried several options of pdftex, but it didn't work neither.

I didn't find anybody having the problem in the pdftex archives, so i do
not no if i use it as a dummy, or if I am the only one who tries to use
revision bars.

Thanks for any advice.


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